Cloudera Manager and CDH QuickStart Guide



Install CDH and Managed Service Software

  1. Keep the default distribution method Use Parcels and the default version of CDH 5. Leave the Additional Parcels selections at None.
  2. For the Cloudera Manager Agent, keep the default Matched release for this Cloudera Manager Server. Click Continue. The JDK Installation Options screen displays.
  3. Select the Install Oracle Java SE Development Kit (JDK) checkbox to allow Cloudera Manager to install the JDK on each cluster host or uncheck if you plan to install it yourself. Leave the Install Java Unlimited Strength Encryption Policy Files checkbox deselected. Click Continue. The Enable Single User Mode screen displays.
  4. Leave the Single User Mode checkbox deselected and click Continue. The Provide SSH login credentials page displays.
  5. Specify host SSH login properties:
    1. Keep the default login root or enter the user name for an account that has password-less sudo permission.
    2. If you choose to use password authentication, enter and confirm the password.
  6. Click Continue. Cloudera Manager installs the Oracle JDK and the Cloudera Manager Agent packages on each host and starts the Agent.
  7. Click Continue. The Installing Selected Parcels screen displays. Cloudera Manager installs CDH. During the parcel installation, progress is indicated for the phases of the parcel installation process in separate progress bars. When the Continue button at the bottom of the screen turns blue, the installation process is completed.
  8. Click Continue. The Host Inspector runs to validate the installation, and provides a summary of what it finds, including all the versions of the installed components. Click Finish. The Cluster Setup screen displays.

Add and Configure Services

  1. Click the All Services radio button to create HDFS, YARN (includes MapReduce 2), ZooKeeper, Oozie, Hive, Hue, Sqoop, HBase, Impala, Solr, Spark, and Key-Value Store Indexer services. Click Continue. The Customize Role Assignments screen displays.
  2. Configure the following role assignments:
    • Click the text field under the HBase Thrift Server role. In the host selection dialog that displays, select the checkbox next to any host and click OKat the bottom right.
    • Click the text field under the Server role of the ZooKeeper service. In the host selection dialog that displays, uncheck the checkbox next to the host assigned by default (the master host) and select checkboxes next to the remaining three hosts. Click OK at the bottom right.

    Click Continue. The Database Setup screen displays.

  3. Leave the default setting of Use Embedded Database to have Cloudera Manager create and configure all required databases in an embedded PostgreSQL database. Click Test Connection. When the test completes, click Continue. The Review Changes screen displays.
  4. Review the configuration changes to be applied. Click Continue. The Command Progress page displays.
  5. The wizard performs 32 steps to configure and starts the services. When the startup completes, click Continue.
  6. A success message displays indicating that the cluster has been successfully started. Click Finish to proceed to the Home page.